1995 to 2001

1998 to 2001 Dynamics NAV developer, Combo Support A / S.
I have worked with the versions Navigator 3.04, Navision 3.5 and 3.56 and Financials 1.00, 1.10, 1.30 and 2.60Daily telephone hotline for customers in Denmark.

New installations and/or upgrades as well as various ad-hoc tasks.

1995 to 1998 Dynamics NAV developer, Sale4Sale ApS
I have worked with versions Navigator 2.12 and 3.04, Navision 3.5 and 3.56 and Financials 1.00Daily telephone hotline for customers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Germany. New installations and/or upgrades and major tasks such as:

· CRM moduleI participated in the completion of a CRM system back in a Navision version 3.56a. The module is generally comparable to the CRM module currently in Dynamics NAV, although not as comprehensive as it is today.

· Time registration module For Banedanmark (Danish Railway System),
I have developed a comprehensive time registration module, built in a previous version of Navision. The module was used when Banedanmark built railway tracks towards Copenhagen Airport.