2001 to 2011

Freelancer Dynamics NAV business consultant and developer.
I have worked with the versions Navigator 3.04, Navision 3.5 and 3.56, Financials 1.00 to 2.60, Attain 3.01 to 3.60, Microsoft Business Solutions 3.70 to 4.00, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and Dynamics NAV 2009.

I have done upgrades back from the previous DOS based Navision up to Dynamics NAV 2009. Daily telephone hotline for customers in Denmark. New installations and/or upgrades and major tasks such as:

· Rental moduleI have developed a very comprehensive rental module with, among other things, automatic sending of order confirmations attached to rental conditions and other sales documents. The customer rents equipment for construction sites including containers and pavilions, as well as having their own production of pavilions.

· Export/Import of data I have made a numbers of export/import of data. I have in many cases imported financial data from other ERP systems and validated the data the correct places in Dynamics NAV so that the customer could start their daily bookkeeping in the new system.

· Automatically sending emailsI have developed a numbers of modules for automatically sending emails with various attachments. These types of modules are nowadays largely standard in latest versions.

· I have started and held an entrepreneurial fair.I arranged everything from renting Roskilde Exhibition Halls, renting exhibition equipment, selling pitches and organizing the fair's program over two days. The fair became a reality in 2003 and was also held in 2004.