2011 to 2013

Technical Director and Teacher, Admiral Bde Ltd, Dhaka Bangladesh. I primarily worked with Dynamics NAV 2009

For students in Bangladesh, I have taught, among others:

· Accounting understanding the impact of accounting in the accounts, bookkeeping routines in the standard modules, Intercompany and understanding of a financial account plan.

· Business setup
Enter master data and accounting setup in the standard modules so the users were able to create new empty companies in order to be able to book correctly in the different modules.

· Daily use of the system. Bookkeeping routines in the standard modules including Intercompany and consolidation.
· The C / SIDE programming module with, among other things, these points:
· System understanding
· Creation of tables, forms and code units
· Validation code and procedure call
· Troubleshooting, object preparation and documentation.
· Project management/customer meetings. Collecting information from customers that must form the basis of a correct requirement specification
· Writing requirements specifications including realistic time periods
· Holding customer meetings
· Ppreparing documentation
· Initiating projects and ongoing evaluations
· Go Live and final evaluation.