After 2013

Freelancer Dynamics NAV business consultant and developer. I work for IT houses as well as my own clients. My primary tasks can be meetings with clients, programming, customer support and building new modules.

I have worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, Dynamics NAV 2009, Dynamics NAV 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 and Business Central 365.

For a manufacturing company in Malaysia, I have created a production module. In November 2017 I took over a project in Malaysia that was delayed. The system was Dynamics NAV 2017 where the production module was built outside standard NAV. For unknown reasons, much of the programming code was not very well done. First I researched the database via remote access and then I was twice in Malaysia. After approx. 200 hours we launched the project in early January 2018.

This task was carried out through an IT company in Malaysia who also did the management.

For an IT House in Bangladesh, I have taught consultants several times in Dynamics NAV 2013 and 2015:
· Accounting and understanding the impact of accounting in the accounts, bookkeeping routines in the standard modules, Intercompany and understanding of a financial account plan.

· Company setup
Entering master data and posting setup in the standard modules so that users were able to create new companies in order to be able to make correct accounting in the different modules.

· Daily use of the system Bookkeeping routines in the standard modules including Intercompany and consolidation.
· The C / SIDE programming module with, among other things, these points: System understanding · Creation of tables, forms and code units · Validation code and procedure call · Troubleshooting, object preparation and documentation on corrections.

Daily telephone hotline for customers and tasks such as:

· Purchase order and Finance module.
As an external Dynamics NAV consultant, I work for a Danish IT House where I maintain a module in Dynamics NAV, which collects purchase data from a Web based platform. Through the Web system, companies can process purchase order, financial transactions, case and time registration which are then transferred to Dynamics NAV for the final accounting. When I took over the maintenance of the module, the latest version was NAV 2009 and I later built a brand new model for a Dynamics NAV 2013 which now exists through to Business Central 365.

· Web Shop Order Module
For a Web Shop, I have designed a system that imports sales orders from a Web Shop. Web Orders are imported and processed in temporary tables after which data is transferred to standard NAV.

· POS module
For a shop I have created a POS module. The module records cash sales, return of goods, gift cards, etc. At the end of the expedition, data is transferred to standard NAV's sales invoice and / or sales credit note ready for posting.