Procedure for upgrade

Below I describe how an upgrade typically takes place.

First, I examine your system of what is customized and gives an estimate of time and price to be upgraded to the new system and I suggest how to be done.

When we agree on the process, I receive a backup of the database and do a sample upgrade. During the sample upgrade, I will typically create some programming code that either moves or deletes data. When the sample upgrade is complete, you get access to the system and can peacefully checkout that the amounts in the new system match the amounts in your current system. The sample upgrade is also used to teach the users of the new system just as I am preparing various prints such as sales quotes, orders, invoices and credit notes.

When everything has been tested and the users have been taught and found okay to the new system, we agree on a date when the operation update should take place. On the agreed date, the old bookkeeping system will be blocked for posting, I will back up and start the upgrade. After a few days (typically over a weekend) I install the new upgraded system and then you are ready with a modern ERP system.

Typical overall plan:

An upgrade project will run over a period of 4 to 16 weeks. Of course, it depends on how customixed your database is and which period you want an update. The reason why it can take up to 16 weeks for an entire project is because I have to be able to continuously help my clients; the trial upgrade alone will typically run over 4 weeks.

Phase 1 - Analysis
I will review the database in detail (1 to 3 days). For this I need all objects, I do not need any data.
Meeting with review of your needs and workflows (2 - 5 hours). I give an estimate of what it will cost to get all your data to the latest version.

Phase 2 - Sample upgrade
I make a sample upgrade and for this I need a backup of the companies that should have data to the latest version. Installation of test environment.

Phase 3 - Training and customization

Phase 4 - Operation upgrade and installation of the new Environment

Phase 5 - Evaluation
We hold a meeting and discuss the total process. Any mistakes will be corrected short after meeting.