· Oktober 2021
I converted a Dynamics NAV 5.0 solution to Business Central 365 Cloud. All development is done by C/AL Code as extensions. Before the client had an amount of manually tasks to run daily where the new Business Central do the tasks automatic. The client also need a clean-up of dana which means only interested in ledger entries from 1. January 2021. My client went live the 25. of October.

· August 2021
Until now I was working from home but now I am a part of a community in Slagelse which I guess will give my workingdays more personal quality.

  · June 2021
New contract with IT House to support enduser clients and be a part of dvelopment as well.

· April 2021
Got a contract with IT House who is specialists in Business Central 365. I do tasks for enduser customers. This is a very exiting relation which I am really looking forward to.

· March 2021
For a loyality customer I created code so customer when sending af invoice by PDF,  creates mail to TrustPilot so TrustPilot kan send a mail to the customer and ask for a vote. Real cool.

· Februar 2021
Just done a complete converting system which converts master data from old versions of Dynamics NAV to Business Central 365 Cloud. First is to export all data from existing system to Excel format and then import to Business Central 365. there is a few manually tasks to do but it is cool.

· January 2021
For another IT House, I started converting a customer from Winfinans to Business Central 365 Cloud. It is a task where I have, among other things, adapted programming code to load data from Excel. The Customer must have financial journals for items, Customers, Vendors and Items, as well as of course master data such as Customers, Vendors, Items, Chart Of Accounts and the entire Accounting Setup must be created automatically based on data from Excel. Exciting task.

 · December 2020
For a Current Client, I am in the process of upgrading a Dynamics Nav 5.0 to Business Central 365 Cloud. The Client runs three Webshops each with their own portal. The Client's database contains, among other things, around 350,000 customers and 23,000 items. The Client only wants Customers, Vendors and Items that have had activity in the period 1.1.2016 and until now. The Client must have created special functions for warehousing, scanning of goods, POS system, price drafts and automatic import of Webshop Orders, all created as  Extensions.

· March 2020
I am working on requirements specification for a major Webshop that sells music equipment via Webshops in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The customer also has a physical shop where customers can test equipment and talk to the staff about their wishes.·

· March 2020
I am working on requirements specification for a slaughterhouse at a test level. This project is used with the customer's data to create an even better knowledge about upgrades. An agreement with the company says that

· March to May 2020
With a large IT House, I am in the process of converting a large weight solution from C/Side code to AL code; the goal is an App programmed as Extensions.
Customers will not be able to download the solution in a test format as it requires an incredible number of parameters around weights, stands, boom lights, physical booms, weighing plants, etc. but there will be consultants who can help with the installation - also as a test environment.

· February 2020 (on standby due to other projects)
I have come far with my real estate management module which is built in AL code as extensions. A lot has happened in AL code and programming AL is MUCH easier compare to C/Side

· December 2019
From December 11 to 14, 2019, I participated in a course on programming Extensions in Business Central 365. It was three super cool days with really very educational material.